Friday, March 6, 2009

In Response to my Poll - I would love feedback on these pieces

I did a poll a few weeks ago and the results were that you wanted to see more vintage jewelry, nature inspired jewelry and simple/delicate pieces. The votes were pretty evenly split among these three catagories. So in response here are my latest creations - one for each category! Please leave me some feedback :)

Vintage Pearl Drop Necklace on a Sterling Silver Chain. Does it get any more simple and sophisticated than this? A lovely addition to any wardrobe that would be a very versatile piece!

Vintage Coral and Cream Necklace
Beautiful coral vintage rounds are hand tied with brass wire and 3 coral and cream flowers are wrapped on to a brass ring with brass wire

Nature Flower Pendant - OOAK
Beautiful handmade ceramic pendant by another talented Etsy artist has been attached to hand tied lime green marbled vintage rounds. This is a one of a kind piece


  1. The coral necklace looks like a much better version of a yellow one a client wanted me to copy from Vogue. Good work. I love it.

  2. really love the nature flower pendant. great work! you've been busy, haven't you?!