Thursday, August 13, 2009

Financial Tools and Resources

About 3 years ago I had a friend that emailed me with a link to an ING Direct budget worksheet. I was very grateful that he did that and thought it would be something worthwhile to share with all my blog buddies. I don't know if you are familar with ING Direct, but it's a great way to save and they have a lot of resources available on their website for free. Here is the link to their worksheets and calculators:
ING Direct Resources

Another great place for advice is Suze Orman's website. I am a big fan of hers! I always watch her show on Saturday nights on CNBC. Here is a link to her site:
Suze Orman Resources

Also, Suze Orman is very active on twitter and I would recommend you follow her, she has great advice and asks questions that really get you thinking. I had a financial question for her and tweeted to her about, she answered right away!
Suze Orman Twitter Page

I also enjoy reading Kiplinger and get their magazine every month. I have read some other financial magazines and this one is definitely my favorite. Some financial magazines are over my head, but Kiplinger is easy to understand and they always have a section on Personal Finance.
Kiplinger Magazine

Please feel free to add any of your favorite resources to this list


  1. Suze Orman is the best. I'm totally going to follow her!

  2. I am a huge Suze Orman fan. I am also a fan of your jewelry! I just got my "Golden Leaf Earrings" in the mail today & love them! They will be perfect for all of the upcoming fall weddings I have :)

  3. Very excellent! Thanks for heading me in such financially sound directions!

  4. LifestyleBohemia -

    So glad you like the golden leaf earrings - I'm following your blog :)