Thursday, August 6, 2009

SkinCare Regimes....What can you not live without?

I am always tweeking my skincare regime, but there are two things that I cannot do without! The first is a heavy moisturizing cream called CeraVe - my local CVS has it. It is rather hard to find though - grocery stores and big box stores do not carry it. The CeraVe is great for dry skin and my skin gets really dry especially after being in hot water. This stuff was recommended by my dermatologist and for me has worked better than some prescription medicines for dry skin. (Picture from Cerave )

The second skin care product I cannot live without is Kiehls water based sunscreen lotion (25 spf). I have been using this stuff for over 12 years now. I am very fair skinned and with a history of skin cancer in my family and having already had skin cancer at the age of 29 I have to wear sunscreen everyday. I love Kiehls products, especially this water based lotion and would recommend it! This picture is from Kiehls

So what are some of your favorite skin care products?


  1. For my face - (1) The Neutrogena Skin ID system, because it has finally controlled my oily T-zone without drying out the rest of my face. (2) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream, for its retinol and vitamins without clogging pores.

    For the rest of my body - Aveeno! I can't say enough about the soaps and moisturizing lotions. The Positively Radiant Moisturizing Lotion works wonders, feels great, and smells yummy.

  2. CarolB, Thank you for your comment, I have used some Aveeno products in the past, but after your rave review I'll have to try some of their soaps.

  3. The stress relief body wash can be addicting. I used to keep the stress relief moisturizing lotion on my desk at work. I needed a few whiffs to get through the day!

  4. I live for Aveeno products. I wear the positively radiant moisturizer every day and their colloidal oatmeal baby products keep my bambino's eczema under control.