Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Did My Best Friend Get For Her Birthday???

This is what was in my best friend received for her birthday - everything was from Etsy :)

This handbag in her favorite color was from bayanhippo's shop

This coin purse is very similar to the one my friend got, expect hers had a cute hedgehog instead of the bird. It was from kailochic's shop

This gorgeous recycled tshirt carnation flower pin was so cute I got myself one too :) I love the way that it was packaged on a recycled piece of cardboard. This was from Marang97's shop on Etsy

Finally this little soy Basil scented candle was from miltonandmargie's shop on Etsy


  1. that's awesome!!! spread the etsy love... :D

  2. Yay!! lots of wonderful goodies!!

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  4. Fab that she celebrated her B day with recieving gift from Estians.

    I deleted my last comment I did not use spell check.

  5. Lovely choices! I have bought one of miltonandmargie's candles in 'clean linen' and it is fabulous! Still burning too, those things last 4-ever!